Pictured: David Beckham’s Dramatic Car Smash With Son Brooklyn

The first pictures of the debris and aftermath of the car crash that involved David Beckham and his son Brooklyn have emerged.

David Beckham and his eldest son, Brooklyn

David Beckham and his eldest son, Brooklyn

The footballer and former England captain was taking his eldest child home from football training when the accident occurred. The smash happened outside Arsenal’s training ground at London Colney in Hertfordshire.

David was driving his Audi A6 estate, when an oncoming silver Mitsubishi smashed into his car on the driver’s side; both cars were badly damaged, the Mitsubishi looking like a total write-off.


Brooklyn Beckham was uninjured in the crash, while his father sustained a minor injury, reportedly to his shoulder. Both the airbags in his Audi successfully deployed.

The female driver of the Mitsubishi and her passenger, her daughter, were both treated in hospital for minor injuries after the accident which occurred Saturday morning.

A witness to the accident said that Beckham gave his jumper to one of the women in order to help her keep warm while they waited for help. The witness reported: “He [David Beckham] checked the woman was alright and then ran inside with his son to avoid attracting any attention. The other woman’s car was a complete write-off, the front was completely crumpled.

David Beckham's Audi was severely dented

David Beckham’s Audi was severely dented

“Beckham’s car was also quite badly dented and scraped in the sides, the door was left hanging. The smash left a lot of debris all around, it was pretty powerful. The lady just got out and sat on the side of the road with her head in her hands. I think she was OK though.”

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