1psPhillip Schofield showed off his angry side on Thursday night’s Celebrity Juice – and trashed the set for daytime TV show This Morning.

Keith Lemon, who hosts the ITV2 late-night panel show, was presenting his own version of Phillip’s quiz show Mr and Mrs, aptly called “Master and Miss” when a security man came in with a secured brief case. When Keith opened the case it was revealed to contain an iPad with an angry message from Phillip demanding the end of the funny segment, as it was his show.

The video message showed an irate Phillip sitting on the This Morning sofa before he scolded Keith by saying: “Hold on a second. I just heard you’re trying to rip off my show AGAIN. This is absolutely NOT ON. You did it with The Cube when you called it The Moob, you did it with Master and Miss when I was on the show, and I let you get away with it then. NOW you’re doing it again! I swear to God man, this is absolutely…it drives me crazy!”

The normally calm tempered presenter then kicked over a chair and started trashing the This Morning set, kicking in a box and getting it suck on his foot as well as throwing papers and books around the set. He finished by adding: “These are my ideas! GET YOUR OWN!!”