1oapBrave Alan Stewart was battered unconscious and hurled into a ravine after racing to save his wife from muggers. The retired couple, both 68, were targeted by a crime gang on holiday in Benidorm as Alan recovered from a quadruple heart bypass.

Wife Catherine could only watch in horror as the trio, including two women, ripped jewellery from his motionless blood-soaked body. Catherine said: “They were animals. He had blood pouring from his head yet they carried on robbing him. I feared he was dead.” The drama unfolded as they strolled back from a night out to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Former shop worker Catherine said: “The shortcut was lit and I noticed a guy lying against a bike with two women. Seconds later the guy cycled up and pounced on me and tried to grab my bag. Alan started shouting, ‘You b*****ds,’ and ran over as he got the bag off me and shoved me down a 15ft ravine.” Retired plumber Alan, who has no memory of the ordeal, reckons he was knocked out with a brick or a punch before being shoved down the same gully.

The gang nicked a bracelet from his 25th wedding anniversary, a treasured gold chain and 230 euros before fleeing as the mum of two screamed for help. Her cries alerted passers-by who raced to help just as he was coming round. Paramedics rushed him to hospital for head and chest scans. Alan is now on the mend, but no arrests have been.