A Lancashire pensioner says she is “so lucky to be alive” after a lightning bolt hit her bedroom while she was asleep.1oapLily Miller, 73, was fast asleep at home in Walmer Bridge on Wednesday morning when a powerful storm barrelled across the county bringing lightning and torrential rain. The bolt sliced through her roof, into her bedroom, and through into her sitting room, causing her to wake up surrounded by masonry and staring at a gaping hole in her roof.

Ms Miler told the Lancashire Evening Post: “I’m so lucky to be alive. There was an enormous bang. It was just like a bomb going off. I was lying on one side of the bed – had I been on the other side it would have hit me. The explosion woke me and when I opened my eyes the bedroom was full of dust and debris.

“I got up, climbed over heavy breeze blocks which had crashed through the ceiling and I just got out of there. I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was a huge hole in the roof and another through the floor into the lounge and the office downstairs. A neighbour came to help me. I was shaken.”

Firemen arrived after receiving reports a nearby house was on fire but a brigade spokesman told the Evening Post: “There was no fire. But firefighters confirmed (the) occupants were safe.” Ms Miller’s home was one of three affected by lightning strikes after humid conditions brought thunderstorms to Lancashire. The houses suffered structural damage but there were no injuries.