1tramA dad who survived a tram crash that killed seven yesterday said: “It was just like a horror film.” Building site supervisor Rui De-sa, 31, told how a commuter beside him was decapitated amid carnage after the driver seemed to take a tight curve too fast.

The father of two, who was among 51 injured when the tram came off rails and careered on to its side, said: “A man next to me had no head. Every time I close my eyes that is all I see — his body.”

Fellow passengers on the early morning Croydon Tramlink service in South London told how one man was flung through a window. Others were left trapped and screaming in the wreckage.

The speed limit for the sharp left turn at Sandilands is 12mph. The Rail Accident Investigation Board last night said the tram was thought to have been going “significantly faster”. More than 100 emergency workers battled for six hours to free everyone from the wrecked tram. The 42-year-old driver remains in custody.