Parents who recently welcomed the birth of their baby boy were devastated after discovering their child had no eyes – despite a ‘normal’ pregnancy.1eyesLiu Peihua, the young mum from Guangzhou City’s Zengcheng District, in South China’s Guangdong Province, said she had been pregnant without issue. And when her son, who has now been nicknamed Xiao Ming, was born one week ago, doctors did not immediately notice that he had no eyes.

Liu said her baby cried loudly and moved his limbs freely after birth, but doctors and her family only found out later that the boy seemed to always keep his eyes shut. A closer inspection led to the shocking discovery that Xiao Ming’s eyes were in fact not simply closed, but that he had no eyes altogether.

Experts have diagnosed Xiao Ming with a rare medical condition called anophthalmia, which is the absence of one or both eyes and which is caused by missing ocular tissue. Liu and her family said the birth abnormality comes as a complete surprise – and a huge blow – as the mum experienced no issues during her pregnancy and the condition was also missed by frequent ultrasounds.

But doctors said anophthalmia is hard to pick up in scans, even if done at regular intervals during the child’s development inside the womb. Liu has promised to stay strong for her child and is now seeking assistance and advice from the public to help her raise her blind son.