Parents were in uproar today after a school gave parents just three days notice they would be closed – because of Muslim staff taking time off for Eid.chobChobham Academy, in East London, only informed parents on Friday that the school would not be open on Monday, due to a significant number of teachers asking for the day off. The primary school informed parents that it would be closed due “high number of staff requesting leave for religious observance.”

Eid, the holiest festival in the Muslim calendar, was only announced 10 days ago, leading to a flurry of requests for time off from staff. Seemingly faced with chronic under-staffing, the school decided to shut its doors. Chobham Academy has 1,800 pupils in total, from primary to sixth form age.

The move has caused a backlash among parents, who claim three days is not long enough to find childcare or other working arrangements. One mum, who did not wish to be named, said: “It’s outrageous that they have done this at such short notice.

“We wouldn’t mind if it was included in the school calendar so we all knew well in advance that this was happening. But to suddenly spring it on us just three days before is unacceptable. People have jobs and lives and will find it difficult to get childcare at such short notice.”