Parasailing Pensioner Plunges 100ft To His Death As Holidaymakers Watch In Horror

A pensioner fell to his death moments after he took to the sky parasailing while beach goers looked on in horror. Roger John Hussey, 70, took to the air on Kata Beach in Phuket, Thailand, at around 2pm local time today. As he had his safety harness and lifejacket put on he was seen smiling and looking excited, chatting with onlookers before his ride.

But within moments of becoming airborne, Roger plunged more than 100ft into the shallow water below as dozens of people watched on the beach below. Emergency services rushed the Australian pensioner to the Patong Hospital but he was pronounced dead a short time later. The boat operator and the staff member on the parasail were arrested and charged with recklessness leading to death.

Roger is believed to have been just 12 days into a dream holiday with his Thai wife, police said. The 70-year-old from Melbourne, had arrived in Thailand on July 1. His wife watched in horror and screamed as he fell from the water sports attraction.

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