Panic As Tube Station Evacuated – “Loud Bang Followed By Smoke”

London’s Holborn underground station was evacuated after reports of a ‘loud bang followed by smoke’ in a tube carriage. Commuter Andy Routledge wrote on Twitter: “I witnessed a flash, followed by a small bang and smoke arising from the tube carriage I’d just left at Holborn station.”

The Central Line’s Twitter account said the station was closed “while we respond to a fire alert”. Several people posted on social media that they heard bangs, followed by smoke and panic. User Sophie Walker posted: “Holborn station evacuated, there’s smoke and people are crying and freaking out …”

And Annarita Papeschiā€ added: “What the heck? I have just been evacuated from #holbornTubeStation #Holborn #HolbornTube there was some sort of explosion. Very scary.” Two fire engines and 10 firefighters rushed to the scene of the incident.

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