Panic After Tuberculosis Reported At Primary School

A member of staff in Year 6 at a school in Bexley has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. A spokesman for Public Health England said some people at the Business Academy Primary School are being screened for the disease. TB specialists are working with the school to arrange screenings for some people who have had the most significant contact with the individual.

TB is a disease that develops slowly in the body with symptoms appearing after several months.  Symptoms of TB include fevers and night sweats, unexplained prolonged coughs, unexplained weight loss and blood in your phlegm or spit. The TB germ usually spreads in the air from another person who has TB of the lungs through coughs and sneezes.

A spokesman for the school said: “The Academy was notified by Public Health England that a Year 6 teaching Assistant had been diagnosed with tuberculosis, and was being treated by specialist services … As a precaution they screened all Year 6 staff and pupils.”

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