“Overwhelming Evidence” Against “Abhorrent” Rapist Who Abused Women, Children And Dog

A man who was a member of a society whose members abstained from sex and drinking carried out a series of alcohol-fuelled assaults that police described as “heinous” and “abhorrent.”

"Overwhelming wealth of evidence" of Keen's guilt was described to the jury

“Overwhelming wealth of evidence” of Keen’s guilt was described to the jury

Sean Keen, who is from Canterbury, was a member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, but defied their teachings going on alcoholic sprees that would cause him to black out.

A court heard how Keen inflicting a series of sick sexual attacks on a woman, including raping her, exposed his genitals to a child and indecently assaulted a dog.

A jury found Keen guilty of three sexual attacks and four counts of child cruelty at Canterbury Crown Court. The judge sentenced him to 18 years in prison.

Expressing his relief at the verdict, one of the officers who gave evidence at that trial, Kent Police’s Detective Constable Michael Seddon, said: “Just what the victims in this case went through over a period of time is unthinkable and the fact Keen refused to admit his guilt at the earliest opportunity meant they had to go through it all again in a trial. On behalf of Kent Police, I would like to praise those victims for showing and displaying a great deal of courage in reporting truly terrible and frightening experiences of their lives.

“I am pleased the overwhelming wealth of evidence we were able to providence was enough to convince a jury that Keen was guilty of these heinous crimes. I hope this gives confidence to any victim of this type of crime that we take it incredibly seriously, offer support and use all powers available to us to ensure those responsible receive justice for their abhorrent actions.”

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