October Heatwave To Hit RECORD Levels – Glorious Indian Summer On The Way

The Met Office has said that warmer air is on its way up from the Atlantic and is highly likely to bring a bumper burst of Autumn sunshine along with it.

Ready, Steady, SUNSHINE!

Ready, Steady, SUNSHINE!

The UK is set to enjoy an October heatwave as forecasters predict an Indian Summer and one so warm that the mercury could rocket to record levels.

The Autumn heatwave could even see temperatures as high as 25°C as warmer air is pushed up from the Atlantic by a ridge of high pressure.

The Met Office has been prepared for a warm late Summer; it produced a contingency plan estimating that August, September and October were all very likely to experience temperatures that are above averages recorded for the time of year.

Temperatures dropped drastically over the weekend, even though September is set to be one of the hottest since records began. However, warmer weather is already on the way, with tomorrow set to be very warm indeed.

Forecasting expert Krista Mitchell said: “The high pressure is going to bring warmer air in from the Atlantic. It is going to be quiet pleasant across the country, but the warmest conditions will be in the South … with 25°C expected on Thursday.

Brits should make the most of the weekend, though, as it might be slightly chillier on Monday; Krista goes on: “There is some uncertainty as to whether the high pressure will break down after the weekend.”

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