Nursery School Worker, 24, Dies After Eating A Single Crisp With Peanut Flavouring

A nursery school worker, 24, died when she suffered an extreme allergic reaction after eating ONE crisp containing peanut flavouring. Georgina Hickman was out with pals when she ate the snack before getting a taxi to a party she was attending with her boyfriend.

An inquest into her death heard she was aware of her allergy and had tried to read the ingredients list. Her friends and boyfriend realised she was in distress and called an ambulance, but Georgina collapsed shortly before it arrived. After being rushed to Southampton General Hospital on the night of April 1, doctors found her brain had been starved of oxygen. She remained in hospital for four days, but died on April 5.

Georgina’s boyfriend David Worth said he noticed something was wrong on the way to the party. He said: “We all got into the taxi and headed to the party … I could see Georgina was uncomfortable. I didn’t realise it was an emergency, it seemed mild. When we arrived in Hamble we realised the reaction was quite severe. She was struggling to breathe, so we called an ambulance.” Pathologist Dr Jeffrey Theaker said the symptoms appeared fully consistent with an anaphylactic reaction related to a peanut allergy.

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