There is an EastEnders exit on the way for yet another character.somebloKyle Slater, played by Riley Carter-Millington is set to leave the soap in coming months. The star, who made history as the first transgender male actor to play a transgender character in a UK soap, was initially only signed up for a six month stint as Stacey’s brother but has ended up spending a year on Albert Square.

Kyle was introduced under mysterious circumstances initially as questions surrounding Stacey’s key brought him into her life. Since then, he has put roots down in Albert Square, moving in with his sister and working as a chef for Ian Beale.

An EastEnders insider explained to the Metro that ‘Kyle’s storylines on the show came to a natural end for now.’ The door is expected to be left open for a potential future return. Kyle currently is armed with the knowledge that Steven Beale was behind the recent robbery at the restaurant but whether or not that will link in to his departure remains to be seen.

Riley told us: ‘When I landed a 6 month contract at EastEnders it was a dream come true. For that to be extended to a year was something I never expected. However, as the time comes for Kyle to depart Walford I am looking forward to taking on new roles and who knows, Kyle may find his way back to Walford one day.’