NEWSFLASH: “Active Shooter Incident” In Progress At Army Base

A US army base is in lock-down after an “active shooter” was allegedly seen on the site.


The base is currently in lock down

Fort Lee, which is located in central Virginia, reported that all personnel, both civilian and armed forced, had been ordered to “enact active shooter protocols” immediately.

The base’s Facebook page issued a short statement: “An active shooter incident has been reported on Fort Lee at CASCOM HQ, Bldg. 5020. All personnel should enact active shooter protocols immediately. The installation is being locked down until further notice. More info to follow.” ┬áThe situation was also confirmed on Twitter.


It is not known whether there are any fatalities or casualties at this point, but Operations Officer Steven Baker at Fort Lee was able to confirm the situation to The Wire on the telephone earlier today, just after 9:30 am local time: “This incident is developing. We don’t have any more information.” Police vehicles are currently surrounding the base.

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