Newborn Baby Girl Dumped In Bushes By 12-Year-Old Mum Who Hid Pregnancy

Police have launched an investigation after a 12-year-old schoolgirl gave birth under a bridge – and then abandoned the baby. Residents in Yibin City, in China’s Sichuan Province, found the newborn girl completely naked and dumped next to the bridge. They called the police and the child was rushed to hospital where she has since been nursed back to health.

Doctors said the infant appeared to have been born prematurely and was extremely weak when she arrived, however amazingly she was in pretty good shape. Local police are said to have been stunned when they found out the child’s mother was a 12-year-old “left-behind” girl whose parents are working in a neighbouring major city. The girl, who was not named, lives with her grandparents and only sees her mum and dad about once a year.

On the day the newborn was discovered, the grandmother said her granddaughter had been feeling unwell and she decided to take her to hospital for a check-up. Halfway there, however, the girl claimed she needed to use the toilet and then disappeared behind some bushes by the bridge “for 30 minutes”. She gave birth and then abandoned the baby. The police said the girl is refusing to speak to investigators and has not revealed who the father of the child might be.

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