Mum’s Terror “As Man Snatches Her Baby Girl Out Of Her Pram At British Seaside Amusement Arcade”

A mum has spoken of her ordeal after her baby was allegedly snatched from her pram while they were at a popular seaside amusement arcade. The woman took to social media to warn other parents to be alert when her 19-month-old daughter was briefly “grabbed” by a man aged between 50 and 55. She claims the attempted kidnapping happened at The Mint Arcade in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire on Saturday.

Writing on the DN35 Crimewatch Facebook page, the mum said: “Warning! A man aged 50-55, dark hair, tall medium build, sandy colour jacket and glasses grabbed my 19 month-old daughter out her pram while we were in the arcades (mint) and as I tried to grab her back he squeezed my arm very hard and scratched me! Then walked out just as help was coming.”

She added: “Luckily we are both okay, just very shocked something like that can happen locally! Police have been informed just waiting now.”

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