Mum’s Safety Warning After Toddler Is Blinded By Washing Powder

A mum has issued a safety warning to parents after her toddler got hold of a laundry washing capsule and suffered severe burns to his eyes, blinding him. Jemima Strain, from Dudley, posted a photo of her son on Facebook to remind parents of the dangers of liquid laundry capsules.

“Please make sure that your children NEVER TOUCH these!” she wrote. “The warnings on the boxes are minuscule and the boxes themselves aren’t childproof.” Jemima explained that her son picked a washing capsule up and it popped, which meant the liquid went in his eyes. My husband rang NHS direct who told us to get him to A&E immediately.

“We spent over an hour and a half with a full team of nurses who had to hold him down and force his eyes open whilst trying to neutralize the liquid with a litre and a half of saline fluid to wash out his eyes. He was traumatized as was I.” She added that it was fortunate the family sought medical attention fast, as her son “was only blind for 3 days and with drops started to open his eyes and now has full site [sic] back.”

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