Mum’s Horror As “Shopping Centre Roof Collapses On Newborn” – Covered In Shards Of Glass

A horrified mum has described how her newborn baby was left covered in shards of glass when a shopping centre roof collapsed on him. Danielle Wallace says she was wheeling little Albie in a pushchair on Sunday morning when the sound of “something like really loud rain” hit the roof.

She says the next thing she knew, glass began to “come down” on top of her, her partner and her three children, including the eight-week-old infant. She claims the little boy was “absolutely covered in glass”, while her partner, Sam, had cuts to his leg and she suffered a wound to her hand.

Danielle, who was left with a gash to her hand, said: “It was like something out of a horror movie. It was so scary. The cracking noise just got louder and louder and then the roof just started falling down.” The family, from Southport, were on holiday in Liverpool when the horrific accident happened. The shopping centre was closed for the rest of the day after the incident.

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