Mum’s Horror As Baby Dies Suddenly While Lying Next To Her During The Night

The devastated parents of a baby girl who died suddenly in bed have spoken of their heartbreak at losing their “perfect baby”. Michael Farrell, 33, and his fiancée Laura-Jane Holmes, 27, said their daughter Kate-Janet Holmes-Farrell was born perfectly healthy with no medical conditions two months ago.

But their joy soon turned to pain after little Kate-Janet stopped breathing in the middle of the night after being put to bed. Mum Laura Holmes, 27, from Hull, east Yorkshire, said: “She was my world. She was such a perfect baby and always so happy. There were so many people that loved her. She was my world.”

Laura had brought the tot into bed with her to keep an eye on her because she seemed unwell after receiving her routine eight-week vaccinations. But when she woke at 4.15am she found the baby had wriggled down the bed to her waist and had stopped breathing. Despite both Miss Holmes and paramedics desperately trying to resuscitate Kate-Janet, the baby girl was pronounced dead. A coroner ruled that she had died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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