Mum’s Heartbreak As “Council Workers Ruin Baby Daughter’s Grave With WEEDKILLER”

A grieving mother has told of her heartbreak after her baby girl’s memorial was sprayed with WEEDKILLER. Emma Saunders, 33, said her traumatised seven-year-old son Connor asked “what have they done to my sister?” after the toxic substance destroyed emotional tributes.

The pair were shocked to find a “massive patch of dead grass” with teddy-bears and flowers left by the grave beginning to rot after being doused in the weed-killer. Emma, from March, Cambridgeshire, said: “It’s just a massive patch of dead grass, it looks awful. Connor literally stood there and he just said, ‘what have they done to my sister’ and ‘I don’t want to come here anymore’.

Emma had been laying flowers at baby Olivia’s grave every week at a cemetery since she was stillborn in February. The mother-of-one claims council-hired workers had sprayed three graves in the baby area of Eastwood Cemetery “just didn’t care” about their memorials: “It’s awful because Olivia is in the middle and there’s a baby either side and it’s over the whole three, it’s just gone straight over.

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