Mum Who Died After Giving Birth May Have Caught Disease From Unvaccinated Toddler

A mum who died after giving birth may have caught a deadly disease from her own unvaccinated toddler. Imogen Petrak, from the Gold Coast in Australia, was 36 weeks pregnant when she was rushed to hospital on July 14 with severe swelling of her brain after complaining of an ear infection.

The 35-year-old delivered her daughter Eleanor by an emergency C Section – four weeks premature – but died from severe swelling of her brain. Blood tests confirmed she died from pneumococcal meningitis and it believed her 17-month old son JB, who was not vaccinated, was also unwell in the days leading up to her death – and may have passed on the deadly disease.

The vaccine for the pneumococcal infection is on the National Immunisation Program Schedule and should be given to babies at two, four and six months. Baby Eleanor was released from hospital at eight days old. Her father John told Gold Coast Bulletin: “Imogen’s biggest dream was to see our daughter and she didn’t get to do that.”

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