A mum sat watching Jeremy Kyle on TV as her two-year-old daughter lay dying after drinking her heroin substitute medication, a court has heard. Lucy King, 39, of Dover, Kent, failed to call an ambulance until some two-and-a-half hours after she suspected tragic Frankie Hedgecock had guzzled her methadone on June 5, 2015, the hearing was told.

The mum-of-five had measured out the methadone she intended to take the next morning the night before – something she didn’t normally do – and placed the measured 15ml dose of green liquid on the floor behind the TV, intending to take it the next morning. That morning she took Frankie downstairs at around 7am and must have “drifted off” for 10 minutes, the court heard. When she awoke she told how she found Frankie on the floor pointing at the empty measuring cup, but when she showed no reaction within half-an-hour, his mother decided she must not have taken the drug.

However, by around 9.50am, she saw the child had stopped breathing and her lips were blue. Mr Jenkins, prosecuting, told the court: “What is clear so far about what she said is she made no contact at all, and made no effort to call 999 or seek medical advice until Mr Norris made the call two-and-a-half hours later. Her Facebook account was looked at. It shows before he arrived she had found time to chat to friends.” King denies manslaughter; the trial continues.