Mum Terrified As Spider Starts Building A Web In Her EAR – “Please, Please Get It Out”

A woman had to visit A&E after a spider crawled inside her ear and started building a web. Angela Colborn, 38, was advised to go to hospital when her face turned red and she began suffering headaches. Medics looked into her ear canal to uncover the cause of the pain and found a spider.

Angela believes the creepy-crawly spent around six hours inside her head before being flushed out by a nurse. The mum-of-two said: “I knew something was in there I could feel it moving around. Waiting in A&E was horrible because I could feel it wriggling around inside. Every time it moved I was getting more and more panicky. There were no tears or swearing, just panic, I kept thinking ‘please please get it out’.”

Angela believes the spider entered her ear on the morning of April 26 as she dropped her daughter Lara, nine, off at school. A short time later the ear began to swell and after visiting a pharmacist for advice she was sent to A&E. A doctor tried to remove the arachnid using forceps before a nurse used oil to drown the bug.

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