Mum Only Knew Son Was Dead When He Began To Smell

The mother of an eight year-old boy whose body was found in one of the rooms of the family home has claimed that she did not know he had died until she began to notice a smell of decomposition.

Jarrod Junior (shown as a baby) lived in this filthy room

Jarrod Junior (shown as a baby) lived in this filthy room

Kimberly Tutko has claimed that her husband Jarrod was the primary carer for their 8 year-old son, Jarrod Junior, whom she has said, was mentally disabled. The couple had six children, spread over the three floors of their home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Mrs Tutko informed police that the “normal routine” was for her husband to care for the 8 year-old who was “autistic and mentally handicapped” on the second floor of their home, while she was the primary carer for their disabled daughter on the first floor.

Mrs Tutko agreed to give an interview to a local news channel, on the condition that her face was kept hidden. In it she defends the fact that she did not know her son was dead: “I’m being picked on for being a bad mom: ‘Oh you didn’t know that something was wrong with him?’ I didn’t, because every single day, it was a normal routine.”

A statement from the police details that Jarrod Tutko did not tell his wife of their son’s death for several days and claimed to his wife that he did not kill him, but found him dead. Kimberly Tutko told reporters that her son’s disability made controlling him hard, as he destroyed furniture, ripped up carpets and smeared faeces on the floors and walls.

The Harrisbury police were called to the house on Friday and found the boy’s body. Jarrod Tutko was charged with child endangerment, concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse. An autopsy has been scheduled and the couple’s five other children have been placed in protective custody, pending court hearings.

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