Mum-Of-Two Murdered And Children Stolen

A murderer shot a mother of two small children in a frantic bid to steal the children and keep them as her own.

"Catherine Goins needed a baby"

“Catherine Goins needed a baby”

37 year-old Catherine Goins even went as far as telling the police she had shot an intruder. However, when police arrived at the scene of the shooting on Friday, they soon discovered that the dreadful scene was not as Goins had presented it.

What they uncovered was truly shocking; Goins had lured 30 year-old Natalia Roberts to the house in Georgia by promising to pass on a stash of clothes suitable for Ms Roberts three week-old baby. Goins had even chosen to use her ex-boyfriend’s house for the dreadful crime.

Goins is accused of murder

Goins is accused of murder

Once Ms Roberts was inside the property, Goins shot her in the back of the head with a handgun. She went on to allegedly make some attempt to clean the murder scene and telephoned her ex-boyfriend, Tony Richards, to inform him that she had shot someone at his house.

Then Goins fled the scene, taking her victim’s 3 year-old child and the tiny newborn with her. Police believe that Goins was planning to pass the children as her own and raise them herself.

Catoosa County sheriff Gary Sisk is horrified by the murder. He said: “She had just met her, she saw that she had a baby, and Catherine Goins needed a baby. She lured her there under the pretence of giving her some baby clothes for her newly born baby.

“Once at the residence, Natalia was going down a flight of stairs where Catherine Goins shot her in the back of the head with a .380-calibre handgun. We’re calling it murder because that’s what it is; she flat-out murdered her.”

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