Mum Of Tragic Twins Awakes From Coma – But Does Not Know Her Babies Have Died

A mum who slipped into a coma when paramedics were unable to get into her locked flat has finally woken up.

Babies Melody (left) and Rose died soon after birth

However, the twins that were delivered early by emergency Caesarean section in an attempt to save their lives have lost their fight for survival.

Jocelyn Bennett called 999 in the early hours of 29th of October with severe stomach pains. She had suffered a placental abruption, but paramedics were unable to gain entry to her block of flats.

Jocelyn Bennett has finally woken up - but will face tragic news

Jocelyn Bennett has finally woken up – but will face tragic news

Eventually, with the help of the police, paramedics were able to reach Jocelyn only to find her collapsed unconscious. She was rushed to hospital, where she went into a coma and her twins were delivered in an emergency operation, 8 weeks before they were due.

Now 27 year-old Jocelyn has finally woken up, but has not yet been told the tragic news that her baby girls, Melody and Rose, have died. Her family want her to regain some strength in order to deal with the heartbreaking news that her twins were starved of oxygen, suffered multiple organ failure and have passed away.

Jocelyn’s father, Joe Bennett, said: “When she woke up we all started crying like crazy. Over the weekend she started coming round. She didn’t recognise me at first or her sister. But she recognised her mum. She’s a lot brighter today and more alert. I wrote out the alphabet for her, and she has been pointing at letters to make words.

“It doesn’t sound like much, but to us it’s a miracle. Many times we have thought we were going to lose her. On Friday she had a really high temperature, she had the shakes, and we worried that she might have septicaemia. But she managed to get the right antibiotics, and hopefully it will be up and up from here.”

Joe continued: “We haven’t mentioned the twins yet; she most likely won’t be able to go to their funeral, but she might be able to have a say. It will help with the closure we think. But I personally think she has an intuition about what has happened – she keeps stroking her tummy. It’s difficult to say how she will cope – only time will tell.

“I’m ecstatic she’s come round. We’ve got a lot of work to do; her kidneys and her lungs need to start working again. We have a long, long way to go. But we are a strong family and we’ll be there for her no matter what.”

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