1houseA mother-of-three has dubbed her council home an uninhabitable “s***hole” as her kids refuse to stay there. With bare walls, broken windows, loose electrical wires hanging from the ceiling and a kitchen that looks like a crime scene, Natalie Lee’s home in desperate need of a wrecking ball.

The 34-year-old and her three children – aged 16, 14 and 8 – admits her Yardley, Birmingham, home is “a s***hole” after moving their on July 2. She has called on owners Birmingham City Council to carry out urgent repairs, but claims it is dragging its feet.

The council has carried out some work, Natalie concedes, but not nearly enough. “It’s just papering over the cracks,” she told the Sunday Mercury newspaper. And there are an awful lot of cracks at her humble abode. “I am thoroughly ashamed of it,” said Natalie. So ashamed she has pleaded to be moved into a hostel. It is a building site, it’s horrible. My daughter spends most of the time at her dad’s; my 14-year-old son refuses to sleep here and is at his gran’s.”

Natalie acquired the “home from hell” as part of a council tenant swap. She viewed the terraced property six weeks before moving in but something drastic, something of bomb-blast proportions, happened following her viewing, Natalie claims, as she discovered that the kitchen sink held-up by a plank of wood and broomstave and one cupboard balanced precariously on a coffee mug.