Mum Makes Horrifying Find In Her Baby Son’s Heinz Baby Food

A mum has spoken of her disgust after she found a chunk of METAL in her baby’s food which she feared would have choked him to death. Rachel Rothwell, 25, made the horrifying discovery as she was feeding her 11-month-old son Riley a packet of Heinz vegetable and chicken casserole puree.

The mum-of-five had brought the item from an Asda store in Arnold, Notts., while it was on offer for £4 for six packets last week, but she said when she squeezed the puree out into a bowl and onto a spoon to feed to her son, she spotted the small 2mm piece of metal at the last second.

Full time mum Rachel, of Bilborough, Nottingham, said: “I was moments away from giving him a spoonful when I saw this weird small piece of metal. I thought ‘what one earth is that?’ and then when I picked it up it was that sharp it very nearly cut me. It was a silver hard metal piece and I dread to think what could have happened if he had eaten it. It could have sliced his throat or he could have choked.”

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