A woman caught up in a car crash lost her unborn baby while her pregnancy scan rested on the passenger seat. Helena Cartlidge, 43, was left with a broken hand, jaw, foot, bleeding on the brain and severe bruising after a collision with a lorry. The 43-year-old was 28 weeks pregnant at the time and despite medics carrying out an emergency Caesarean, the baby, named Estella, was delivered stillborn.

Helena told The Sentinel: “There was a scan photo on the passenger seat of my baby so they knew I was pregnant. They worked for 20 minutes trying to revive her and did so much. She must have suffered too much trauma.”

Helena is believed to have been stopped in traffic on the A500 in Stoke-on-Trent when her Vauxhall Astra was hit by a lorry and her car was pushed forward into another vehicle. Firefighters had to cut Helena free before she was taken to hospital, where she spent five days in critical care. Helena said: ‘My husband still has his wife and my son still has his mum. I am just relieved that Benjamin wasn’t with me at the time.’