A woman killed herself and her young son after her husband kept “oinking” at her when plastic surgery left her with a ‘pig nose’, it has been claimed.1socRussian sales representative Anna Ozhigova, 33, had a nose job which – she believed – made her nostrils oversized and meant she could no longer smile properly. And friends say the surgery was the trigger for the failure of her marriage, leading to a split from her husband and a chain of events which left her without hope.

Although she found a new boyfriend, she feared her businessman husband was about to secure custody of her son Gleb, eight, they said. She jumped to her death from her parents’ ninth floor apartment in the Siberian city of Omsk on 13 October holding the boy in her arms, reported a local newspaper, citing law enforcement officials. His body was found close to hers.

She “left a note explaining her personal reasons”, said a statement by the Russian Investigative Committee, equivalent of the FBI. It was revealed that earlier she had written on social media to a friend: “The surgeon convinced me that my nose didn’t suit me. I’m easily impressed, and he convinced me … I can’t smile. My nostrils are now as big as if I was a pig, and moving apart. My smile is now a frown because he removed muscles above my lip and changed something. My husband is oinking when he sees me.”

She told how she wore full make up when they were together in the evening but “he’s known me for 12 years and can’t get used to me now … I can’t accept the idea that I’m going to be like this forever.”  The anonymous friend said that the woman needed “emotional support” and had tried to commit suicide previously. That led to a fear that her son could be taken away from her. “That was the last straw,” said the friend.