A mum found her baby dead in her pram after taking her for a walk in the park. Shannon Tideswell, 20, thought she’d make the most of the hot weather last Sunday by taking eight-month-old Maisie-Leigh Lamb out for a stroll.

But her day turned into a nightmare after Shannon noticed her daughter’s lips had gone blue and she wasn’t breathing. Maisie-Leigh, who suffered from spina bifida and hydrocephalus, was rushed to a nearby hospital but could not be saved.

Her devastated mum told Nottingham Post: “She was a smiley and happy baby. She had gone through so much in her short life but it didn’t affect her. She was limited in what she could do – she couldn’t move her legs and she had more strength in her right arm than her left, but she was just Maisie. We loved her and we miss her so much.”