Mum Dyes Her Toddler Daughter’s Hair BRIGHT PINK – But People Brand Her “Cruel”

Two year-old Felicity LeBlanc is used to seeing her mum, model Charity Grace , sport a dazzling array of different hair colours. Like a lot of little girls, she’s also eager to emulate her mum’s style as much as possible – something Charity Grace is comfortable with her doing. So when the toddler kept asking repeatedly to dye her hair a hot pink colour, Charity Grace gave in and shared a video of her daughter having it done.

However, her decision to let her daughter have her hair dyed at the tender of age of two has attracted a lot of heat from other parents. Charity Grace chose a Manic Panic dye, which Felicity was thrilled with – but the criticism rolled in.

“This is so irresponsible of you,” wrote one. “Of course she’s going to want it. She’s a kid! She doesn’t know what she wants! And you, the parent, should know better. She’s going to be bald by the age of 20!” “Dying little children’s hair is very bad for them,” another woman added. “Their skulls and hair are not supposed to have those very harsh products on.” “F*** sake they died [sic] her hair pink! SHE’S LIKE 5 you complete c***!” read one such comment. “I’m just saying it’s f****** wrong you people are idiots.”

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