A woman on trial in one of Germany’s worst infanticide cases has confessed to killing several of her babies, but said she could not remember how many.cotAndrea Goeppner, 45, is charged with four out of a possible eight babies’ murders after their remains were found wrapped in towels and plastic bags last year in a case that has horrified the country.

Asked how many of the babies Goeppner confessed to killing, defence lawyer Till Wagler said: “It could have been two, three or four.” The remains of the babies were found last year in Goeppner’s apartment in the small Bavarian town of Wallenfels.

Prosecutors have been unable to pursue murder charges for the other four infants, because one was stillborn and the others were so badly decomposed that it was uncertain they would have been alive at birth. Goeppner and her husband, who had two children each from previous marriages and three surviving children, did not want more children but did not use contraception.

In her confession, read out by her lawyer, the mother said she had given birth to each of the eight babies at home alone and had wrapped every infant in a hand towel. She would immediately suffocate any baby that moved or cried, and then put the body in a plastic bag or containers and hid it in the apartment, said the defence lawyer.