Multiple People Dead After Driver Ploughs Into Pedestrians: “Like A War Zone”

Three people have died – and at least 10 people are seriously injured – after a car auction employee ‘lost control’ of a Jeep and ploughed into a crowd in Billerica in the US.

The vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee for sale, struck customers waiting to view it inside a warehouse at a “very high rate of speed” before hitting a brick wall, according to District Attorney Marian T. Ryan. It left in its wake scenes “like a war zone” according to one eyewitness. One witness said it sounded like a ‘bomb had gone off’ – while another said what they heard was “like an explosion”.

Investigators are saying “an employee, in his 70s, mistook the accelerator pedal for the brake pedal” – yet to be confirmed. The District Attorney confirmed in a press conference this evening that a man and two women died in the incident in the warehouse and added that of the 10 people who had been rushed to hospital with serious injuries – mostly to their “back, legs and torso” – two of them had suffered “life threatening” injuries. She also confirmed that the driver is not among the injured.

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