Motorway Gridlocked After Horror Crash – Drivers Swelter Trapped In In 32C Heat

The M25 motorway is GRIDLOCKED following a crash causing traffic chaos on the way to Heathrow airport – prompting some travellers to continue their journey on FOOT. The disruption is stretching back four miles and has left people stuck in their cars on the hottest day of the year with temperatures soaring to a sweltering 32C.

Two lanes remain close amid long delays with heavy congestion back to junction 16 on the M40. Images shows frustrated passengers walking up the hard shoulder with their luggage in desperate bids to make their flights.  The motorway was closed between junction 14 and junction 15 after the devastating collision which led to an air ambulance being called to the scene. People travelling to the UK’s biggest airport took to social media to express their fury and exhaustion at the epic traffic jam.One woman tweeted: “…many passengers stuck on the M25 close to an hour now behind a significant accident, no end in sight.” while a mum stuck in her car with her children wrote: “wots happng on d #M25 towards #Heathrow?? collision? stuck in car in miles of traffic with kids, 32°..emergency vans & #helicopter on d way.”

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