Mother Jailed For “Campaign Of Cruelty”

A mother who walked her daughter to school on a dog lead and carried out a sustained campaign of physical and emotional abuse on her daughter has finally been jailed.

48 year-old Jacqueline Angrave was initially handed a suspended sentence after she was convicted on two counts of child abuse. Following an outcry, the Appeal Court reviewed her “unduly lenient” sentence and found that she should serve a custodial sentence, sending her to prison for two years.

Angrave's "unduly lenient" sentence was reviewed

Angrave’s “unduly lenient” sentence was reviewed

Angrave’s abuse of her daughter included walking her to school on a dog lead, dragging her by the hair, punching, kicking and scratching her. The abuse was sustained between the years of 1997 to 2003 while her daughter was aged between five and ten. Angrave would also force her daughter to take freezing cold showers and delight in rubbing shampoo in her eyes.

Lord Justice Treacy told the hearing that Angrave set out to “destroy the victim’s self-esteem and to blight her childhood” as well as it seeming to the victim “that the offender was taking pleasure in hurting her.”

Pre-sentence reports acknowledged that Angrave suffered from diabetes and mental health issues but said that she showed no remorse for her systematic abuse of her daughter.

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