Mother In Brutal Throat Slash Attack – “I Am Dying Slowly, Please Hurry Up”

A mum-of-two died when her secret lover felt spurned and took a murderous revenge.

Amandeep Kaur Hothi, who was married with two children, met her lover, 29 year-old Gurminder Singh at the Britannia Hotel in Wolverhampton’s city centre. At some point during the attack, she was able to call her her husband, Pal Singh, and confess she had become “mixed up” with another man. A court heard how her husband heard her screaming that she was going to die and alerted the police. However, they were not able to trace the location of the call.

Gurminder Singh had repeatedly slashed Amandeep Kaur Hothi with a craft knife; he had cut her throat from one side to the other and left her to die. Wolverhampton Crown Court heard that she sustained at least ten different knife wounds and died in Room 125 on the hotel’s first floor.

Mrs Hothi was killed at the Britannia Hotel in Wolverhampton

Mrs Hothi was killed at the Britannia Hotel in Wolverhampton

After Mrs Hothi had been dead for several hours, Gurminder Singh slashed his own throat in a possible suicide bid the following morning and telephoned the emergency services at 9.45am the next day. “I am dying slowly, please hurry up,” he told the operator.

The prosecution allege that Mr Singh travelled to Wolverhampton from his home in Forest Gate: “To meet and murder” Mrs Hothi. Singh has admitted stabbing Mrs Hothi to death, but denies murdering her, but Mr Price, for the prosecution said: ‚ÄúThis man planned and brutally executed this murder while motivated by a desire for revenge. His main aim was the ending of the life of the woman who in his eyes had spurned him.”

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