“Most Dangerous Bus Stop In Britain” Infested With False Widow Spiders

Passengers have been left terrified after a bus stop became infested with venomous false widow spiders. Disabled Helen Day, 39, said her local stop has become one of the most dangerous in Britain after being invaded by the arachnids. She has seen at least five of the spiders, identifiable by the distinct markings on their abdomen, and fears the situation will get only worse as they breed this summer.

The 50p-sized spiders – a cousin to the black widow – are Britain’s most venomous species and deliver an incredibly painful bite. Helen says the bus stop in tiny Felton, near Bristol Airport, is covered with spider webs and riddled with nests. Most of the people that use the stop are elderly or disabled and Helen said she feared that someone will be bitten.She said: “If anybody goes into the shelter it only takes one to jump onto a rucksack. In the heat, they’re only going to get worse. They breed like wildfire. I’m petrified of spiders. I’m on crutches so I can’t stand for long or sit for long.” Helen said she had spoken to the council, who had told her that the spiders “would only bite if they were provoked”.

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