Monster False Widow Spider “Got Stuck In” Leaving Agonised Bite Victim In Intensive Care

The False Widow spider delivers a poisonous bite

The False Widow spider delivers a poisonous bite

A man was left in agony in hospital after a monster arachnid “got stuck in” to biting him.

28 year-old Eugene Murphy who is from Dublin needed adrenaline shots after the venom caused his heart to stop beating.

The pain was so intense that Eugene said he had “never felt pain like it” and the bite was so powerful it rendered the 6ft man unconscious.

The father-of-one was at his parents’ house in Perrystown in South Dublin on Saturday; he was sitting on the sofa with his four year-old son, when the arachnid struck, biting Eugene three times.

Recalling the incident, Eugene: “I never felt pain like it. I tore off my shirt and could see the spider’s fangs embedded in my shoulder and its body was jumping up and down.. it was properly getting stuck in. Then suddenly my shoulder locked up and the pain spread to my entire right hand side of my body. I felt like I was on fire and then I just dropped to the ground unconscious.”

Eugene’s father called the emergency services and an ambulance was on the scene 30 minutes later. Eugene adds:

“I was passed out and stopped breathing from time to time. I remember waking up briefly and the fire brigade lads were in the room. They got me in an ambulance and injected me with adrenaline to get my heart going. I can only briefly remember parts of what happened next but I remember waking up in the intensive care unit of Tallaght Hospital literally jumping up in the bed in pain.”

Eugene thinks he may picked up the spider while gardening, as on his way home he felt a “pinch” while driving. Once at his parents house and seated with his son, he felt the next bites: “My son was on my lap so initially I just thought he was after pinching me. But the next bite to the shoulder was 10 times worse than breaking a bone. I have literally never felt pain like.

Spider bites caused 28 year-old Eugene Murphy's heart to stop

Spider bites caused 28 year-old Eugene Murphy’s heart to stop

“My dad had brought the spider into the hospital with him and they identified it as a false widow. I was actually tied to a bed at one stage I was convulsing so badly. I had been bitten in the hip, side and shoulder. I spent until Saturday afternoon in the ICU but, for the first three hours after it happened, things were really touch and go until they stabilised me. One of the reasons I’m telling the story is that I’m 6ft tall and well built and look at what the thing did to me.”

Doctors told Eugene that if he had sustained the bites while on his own, he could well have died. He says: “If this had been a child, my son or my brother then they may not have survived. I was knocked down by a car and I just got up after it hit me.. but this thing just laid me out. The thing is, I don’t think people in Ireland are aware these spider are here and they should definitely be made aware of it.”

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