Mob Of Travellers “Storm Restaurant And Steal Booze”

A restaurant owner claims he was invaded by more than 40 travellers in the under-siege seaside town of Cromer. From Friday afternoon through to Sunday, police recorded 37 incidents in the town.

Nassim Uddin said the mob gang stormed Masala Twist – frightening and intimidating customers. He said they then stole drinks from restaurant on Saturday night. The seaside town was put on lockdown with pubs told to close over fears over huge traveller brawls.

A large number of bars, hotels, and shops in the Norfolk town stopped trading after a large outbreak of violence involving travellers. But bosses at Masala Twist refused to close. Mr Uddin said he started pushing thugs out backed up by his nephew Jamil Ahmed. He said his scared wife had her arm slammed in the door during the bust-up.

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