Martial Arts Expert Shoots His Son Dead Then Kills Himself In Gym

A man who had recently separated from his partner murdered his own son before taking his life.

Miguel Angel Diaz (left) had recently separated from his wife

Miguel Angel Diaz (left) had recently separated from his wife

Elizabeth Lindt, who had recently separated from her partner Miguel Angel Diaz after a series of arguments, left their son with Diaz so they could spend the day together.

When both her ex-partner and their 10 year-old son failed to answer the phone, she went to Diaz’s house. 30 year-old Ms Lindt’s concern grew when her repeated knockings at the door gained no answer and she enlisted the help of a neighbour.

The neighbour forced Diaz’s front door open and Ms Lindt and the neighbour discovered the horrifying truth when they found her son, Juan Martin, and his father dead in the home gym in his house in the Argentinian town of Concordia.

37 year-old Diaz had shot his son twice in the head and once in the back and had then hanged himself. The police suspect he might have tried to shoot himself dead as there was a gunshot wound to his head. Diaz had attached a suicide note to his shirt.

Neighbour and witness, Lisardo Castellanos, said: “She was quite distressed and said she feared something dreadful had happened. So I helped her open the door and when we went inside it was like a scene from a horror film.”

A spokesman for the Concordian police said officers were treating the tragic incident as a homicide and a suicide. Miguel Angel Diaz had been a well-known figure in his local community; he ran the local gym and provided self-defence training, including firearms training, to police officers and security guards.

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