A college in Greater Manchester was put on lockdown after a suspected gunman threatened to show up with a loaded weapon. Students and teachers were banned from entering or leaving Tameside College in Ashton-under-Lyne after the suspect used social media to warn of his potential attack. Police said they were also investigating threats made about Bury College, 14 miles away.

In a series of eerie tweets, the Twitter user wrote ‘my gun is loaded’ and ‘hello there i will be st the collage [sic] today with a gun loaded! At 11am’. Another one read ‘rip to the kids’. The messages were posted this morning in response to a tweet from Tameside College’s official account welcoming students back after the Easter break.

A sign reading ‘college closed’ was put up at the school gates in Beaufort Road as police arrived to assist staff in turning pupils away. The Twitter account of the user who made the threats appeared to be removed this afternoon and police said enquiries are ongoing.