Man Sent Home For Wearing Shorts In 34C Heat Goes Back To Work In Mum’s Dress

Temperatures have soared across the country this week and hit highs of 34C today – but it’s not so nice in the office, as 20-year-old Joey Barge from Aylesbury found out. The call centre worker had enough of wearing sweaty suits in his hot workplace, so he opted for a lovely pair of smart shorts instead.

However, his attire fell foul of the office dress code – and he was sent home. He wrote: “”The office is so hot and I sweat so much and feel uncomfortable. I’m fuming. A quarter of the office are wearing vest tops and skirts/dresses…” Rather than changing in to a full-on suit which would leave him sweltering in the hot sun, Joey decided to take a rather different approach.

Using the logic that women in the office were allowed to wear dresses, he decided to go for one of those instead – and raided his mum’s wardrobe. He predicted he would be home again soon, but his tactic appears to have worked – at least partially, as the office agreed: “gentlemen in the office are permitted to wear 3/4 length shorts.” Nice one, Joey.

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