Man Killed In Ice Bucket Challenge Tragedy

A man has died after four buckets of freezing water were poured on his head.

Steffen Klemm, a 48 year-old German man, was drenched by members of his former football team. They poured four buckets filled with icy water over his head for the Ice Bucket Challenge, a fund raising initiative aiming to raise money to aim research into Muscular Dystrophy as well as a range of other charities.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised £millions for charity - but is it safe?

The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised £millions for charity – but is it safe?

Mr Klemm complained of neck pain at the time of the challenge and died four days later from a brain haemorrhage. German authorities have directed that there should be a post-mortem examination to ascertain the role the buckets of icy water might have had in causing his death.

Speaking to Bild Magazine, Matthias Endres, Professor of Neurology at Berlin University said that it was entirely possible that the freezing water had caused the haemorrhage:

“He may have had an existing condition such as an aneurysm and it is possible that this ruptured by the cold stimulus of the ice water, causing a fatal cerebral haemorrhage.”

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