A “killer clown” brandishing a 10-inch knife severed a man’s fingers and “disabled him for life”.1cSimon Chinery, 28, was at a cashpoint after a night out when his “horror movie” attacker in green wig slashed at him. ‘I was petrified,’ says Simon, revealing his horrific hand injuries The joiner felled the clown with a punch and fled, soaked in blood, in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Dad-of-one Simon, of Shadsworth, who had three fingers hacked, said: “I was petrified, sick to my stomach.” The clown was in full costume with sinister painted face. He didn’t have a mask on but his make-up looked scary. His eyes were piercing black. I panicked, he held the knife towards me and I used my instinct and tried to push the knife away.

“I grabbed it and he pulled. I worked against the blade and my fingers exploded. There was blood everywhere. It happened so quickly. I was in shock and ran home. My mum phoned an ambulance and I was taken to hospital straight away.”

A specialist at Preston hospital told him his hand would be damaged for life and he would need reconstructive surgery. Mr Chinery, who hangs doors for a living, added: “This attack has ruined my life. I am disabled from this and can’t return to my trade. I am just glad I wasn’t with my son. A police investigation has been launched.