Machete-Wielding Man Bundled To The Ground Outside Justin Bieber Concert

A machete-wielding man shouted he would ‘chop all Muslims up’ as he was arrested close to a Justin Bieber concert, according to eye-witnesses. The man seen brandishing a knife was in a dispute with an Asian taxi driver as tens of thousands of fans gathered in the packed streets. A foot-long blade was discovered at the scene in Cardiff city centre.

Two men were arrested as footage emerged of police wrestling one of the men to the floor just 500 yards from the Principality Stadium in Cardiff where the concert is being held. A witness, who went over to help restrain one of the arrested men until police arrived, said he pulled a machete out of his car ‘like a mad man.’

‘He was saying ‘Muslims are dirty, they are baby killers, they are bombers’. I went to him to calm him down. He said ‘get away. I’ll chop all you Muslims up. There were kids everywhere. It was chaotic. There were teenage girls shouting and screaming.’

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