LYNDA BELLINGHAM: Fans Call For Oxo Ads To Return In Christmas Tribute

Fans of Lynda Bellingham, beloved actress and star of the Oxo adverts, Loose Women and All Creatures Great And Small, are calling for a suitable tribute to the popular star.

A Facebook page calling for the ads to be re-screened is quickly growing in popularity.

Lynda Bellingham as the long-suffering Oxo mum

Lynda Bellingham as the long-suffering Oxo mum

Lynda, whose death from bowel cancer has just been announced, was known to millions as the long-suffering Oxo mum, who soothed the trials and tribulations of her family’s lives with proper gravy or the real Oxo taste. Many Britons felt they grew up with the Oxo family.

Her fans would like to see the Oxo ads, which ran from the early 1980s until 1999 and feel that broadcasting the famous adverts over the Christmas period would be a suitable and fitting tribute.  There were 42 adverts in all, including the infamous vegetarian boyfriend and the time Dad tried his hand at cooking.


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