“Lucifer Heatwave” On The Way – Set To Last The WHOLE Summer Across Europe

Holidaymakers are being warned to “only travel if your journey is essential” as an extreme heatwave is set to roast European tourist destinations. Tourists are urged to take safety measures as “extreme heatwaves” are expected in the next few days in southern Europe, according to Meteoalarm.

Swathes of southern and eastern Europe swelter in temperatures above 40C (104F) in a heat wave nicknamed “Lucifer” that’s fanned forest fires, triggered weather warnings and scorched crops.

Brits heading abroad have been warned to stay hydrated and seek shade as Croatia, Italy, Spain, southern France, Greece and Hungary will be worst hit by potentially deadly temperatures. Austria, Germany, and Austria will also see baking hot sunshine, with red alerts issued in the south of Switzerland and Poland.

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