Louise Mitchell’s Fate Revealed – And GUESS Who’s Returned To Albert Square – Fans Thrilled

Former EastEnders star Lucy Benjamin made her surprise return to Albert Square tonight. The actress came back as character Lisa Fowler, famous for shooting her ex-lover Phil Mitchell in 2001 – and getting away with it.

She returned to look after her teenage daughter Louise Mitchell, who was severely injured after Alex and Madison pushed her into a floor of lit candles at the school prom. Louise has been left with third degree burns following the shock attack; she’d cried she hadn’t wanted anyone to see her in such a state, but then, Lisa walked through the door, and Louise simply said: “Mum?”Lisa hasn’t set foot in Walford since she fled with Louise to Portugal, in 2003; her return will thrill fans because Steve McFadden – who plays Phil – is expected to return from a six-month break very soon. Benjamin’s return may also have come as a shock to McFadden, who used to date the actress in real life.

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